Cooperation and friendship across time and space

The global dental exhibition from March 12th to 16th, 2019,Let us went out of the previous online sells and marketing methods and participate in the biennial major dental feast in Cologne Germany. We are fortunately to meet more high-tech dental equipment also absorbs more creative inspiration at the exhibition. It is our long-term pursuit to remove the dross while keeping the essence, constantly improve and enrich our dental products,also our long-term pursuit to let everyone in the world have better teeth.We believe that can make better products, give feedback and better serve customers at home and abroad.

Take a photo with customers at this year’s Cologne International Dental show:


This customer is the dealer recommended by the Roman dentist we met online in the past few years. Because the dentist is very satisfied with our zirconia sintering furnace, So under his recommendation, we met the dealers in Rome. So that the European market has laid a solid foundation. The following picture is the result of customer feedback on some zirconia teeth:


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