The “digital trend” of the future dental industry

Digital dentistry refers to the use of computer technology and equipment to aid diagnosis, design, treatment, information traceability and so on. Among them, CAD/CAM technology, namely computer-aided design and computer-aided processing, is one of the digital dental technologies widely used in dental restoration. Digital dentistry is mainly used in CAD/CAM technology and products in dental restoration. It mainly includes CAD/CAM equipment and printing materials. A complete digital restoration solution is available to bring digital and automated production methods to the design and production stages of dental restoration.

Through 3D scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, dental laboratories can produce crowns, bridges, plaster models and implant guides accurately, quickly and efficiently. At present, the design and clinical of oral prostheses are still mainly by hand, and the efficiency is lower. At this time, digital dentistry showed us a vast space for development. The digital technology relieves the heavy burden of hand work, while eliminating the bottleneck of precision and efficiency caused by manual modeling.


As AR technology increasingly enters the daily life of ordinary people and the trend of global warming, people have more environmental awareness.3D scanning technology and 3D printing have gradually entered more fields, and the same is particularly important in the dental field.

The patient’s teeth are scanned and formed by 3D scanner, and then the design software is used to integrate the data processing functions of the single crown, inlay, bridge, veneer, orthodontics and implant through the scanning software according to the actual situation of the patient, easy access to high quality digital impressions. It can realize scanning applications in the three fields of implant, restoration and orthodontics.



At the same time, the application of 3D printing technology to the dental field effectively shortens the research and development cycle and reduces the cost of product  innovation.

With the further improvement of 3D printing medical technology, human beings will gradually get rid of all kinds of difficult diseases that are currently difficult to overcome in the dental field.


The development of technology promotes the progress of the industry,digital technology system is still very active in the new technology breakthrough in the dental field, which fully reflects the convenience and vitality brought by the high-tech to the dental industry.

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